For Putting Things On Top Of Other Things

Golden Apple Seed Mission

Golden Apple Seed Missions are the many spindly legs tap-tap-tapping along, sometimes in opposite directions, atop which rests the throbbing and indifferent thorax of Operation Mindfuck.

Among the most effective and popular GASM of all time was ColbertGASM, a successful 2008 attempt to induct Stephen Colbert into the Bavarian Illuminati. Operation Mindfuck is that thin bit of reality where Discordia meets the rest of the world. A decentralized, leaderless movement to bring a little bit of Eris, kicking and screaming, into everybody's lives. Whether they, or she, wants it or not. Consequently, nobody is quite certain whether the movement (or Eris!) exists to improve, destroy, exasperate, or entertain the world. All that is really agreed upon, in fact, is that Operation Mindfuck is the call to action, and Golden Apple Seed Missions are where the rubber meets the road.

GASM are tasks for Discordian activists to rally around and participate in. And these things we do in Goddess's name. And we offer them up unto the world with open arms, eyes wide open, palms face up.

Here! Kallisti! A very special Golden Apple for the prettiest one among you.

And inside every Golden Apple there is a small seed. A seed mostly full of love but also trace amounts of cyanide which, given time and care, might just sprout and take root and make the world a little weirder.

So that's what OMGASM is.


The GASM started on Mastodon, but the participant should feel free to instead use any platform of their choosing, including "non-social" varieties such as a "website" or with a "polaroid camera" or even maybe a "sketch" in a "notebook". Now, #PTOTOOTGASM is a new GASM organized and sponsored by the Society For Putting Things On Top Of Other Things in which the participant engages in the act of putting things on top of other things, and then optionally, put preferably, documents the act and tags it with #PTOTOOTGASM on the media of their preference.

Suffer no illusions! #PTOTOOTGASM, the activist wing of The Society For Putting Things On Top Of Other Things, will do nothing less than change the world. Its goal is to create and leave behind small altars to chaos, small sigils of discordian power to be found by and puzzled over by the odd passerby and the layman grayface.

These sigils are charged with psychic and physical energy.

They will work on the mind of the viewer, who will thereafter be primed to find order in other places where these is noneIndeed the true secret of the Society is that there is no order, not even in towers of things carefully put on top of other things!. Are those two rocks placed on top of one another intentionally, or by accident? They will have to question whether they believe in improbable intentional order, or in arbitrary order-like chaos.

And when they fall, as is the destiny of all things placed on top of other things, their potential energy will be expended. And they will no longer be things placed on top of other things, but will continue to be things nonetheless, just as they always have been and always will be. Just as when bureaucracy or hierarchy collapses, we will continue to be human nonetheless, and all the better for it!

No order. No disorder. Just chaos.